Discover us

Discover us

Explore the best food in the region

Scandi Restaurant is the only restaurant in Zator guaranteed to please even the most demanding tastes. We serve traditional Polish cuisine with a tinge of Scandinavia, made from fresh, local products, and born out of passion for cooking. A modern twist on the Polish classics is our distinguishing feature. Combining it with European dishes and burgers, we have created a unique menu, to be found only in Zator’s Scandinavian haven.

Exceptional cuisine paired with industrial interior create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, and you are cordially invited to be a part of it. Allow us to pamper you with the best food, the highest quality service and circumstances pleasing to the eye and the soul.

Get a taste of Scandinavia

Enjoy a bit of Scandinavia in Zator by staying in the Scandinavia Resort, Scandinavia Marine or the camping site. Whether you are on a business trip or looking for a little relaxation, you will find suitable accommodation here.

Holiday-makers will be satisfied by Scandi Beach with a beach bar where you can taste our signature drinks and play board games. Need a little physical activity? No problem! Grab a ball and use the beach volleyball court next to the bar. There is no better place to eat a scrumptious meal after a match or a visit in Energylandia than Scandi.

Making business is easier when you have everything you need close at hand: a place for company training or meeting customers, a place to rest, and, of course, a place to eat. Scandi Restaurant’s location provides you with all of this within walking distance.

Savor the attractions

Nature-lovers will surely appreciate the spectacular Natura 2000 sites neighboring the Scandi Restaurant. A beautiful place of serenity and wild birds in the Skawa River valley will leave you speechless. At least until you will have to order your meal!

Scandi is the to-go restaurant in Zator after an exciting adventure in Energylandia. There is no better place to eat a delicious meal after such fun.