Menu EN

Menu EN

Scandi Restaurant lets you indulge in fresh, luscious dishes. They are prepared with locally produced ingredients of the highest quality in the Carp Valley. In the hands of experienced and passionate chefs, these ingredients turn into the finest food in Zator, unbelievably tasty and aesthetically pleasing. The restaurant’s cuisine is a successful marriage of Polish tradition and Scandinavian style. We have designed our menu to meet the needs of both gourmets and more traditional food enthusiasts. See for yourself why Scandi is the best restaurant in the region.



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Among our main courses you will find classic Polish meats such as duck, chicken, pork and beef, prepared with a pinch of modern fantasy. Apart from these specialities, seafood, burgers, and European cuisine complete the menu. A decent selection of pizzas includes, for example, one with traditional Polish mountain cheese – oscypek, and another one with regional sausage. In July and August you can enjoy your pizza and burgers at the beach bar, looking out over charming views, accompanied by cold beverages.

If you are dining with your little ones, do not worry. We have prepared a child menu, guaranteed to put a hearty meal in their bellies and smiles on their faces. It includes, among others, homemade chicken broth, dumplings with seasonal fruit, or ice cream.

Your sweet tooth will be left contented as well. Our carefully selected desserts include, among others, ice cream, chocolate tart, and tiramisu.

We hope you enjoy eating the food as much as we enjoy making it for you!